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3 Reasons Why you Should Set Goals with Your Kids

Do you know what a goal is? A goal is an idea, thing, or action that you want to commit to and attain.

Do your kids know what goals are? Have they seen you working on something specific that you want to change, or improve on, or make difference in your life?

Kids sometimes have the notion that things “will just happen” because either they see their parents do it for them, their friends do it for them, or just general laziness.

I want to break down the basics of why goals are important and especially how they’re important and beneficial for your kid, whether it’s goals in sports or goals academically.

It’s all related.

And understanding WHY goals are so important is going to change their way of thinking forever.

Focus: Focus can be incredibly difficult for kids. There are a thousand reasons why they don’t want to do something, and if you add in social media, video games, or television, their distraction is on a whole different level. But, by choosing a goal, say “only watching an hour of television a day for a smarter mind” or “practicing basketball for two hours to be a better athlete,” the reason behind the action gives them a way to focus on exactly WHAT they want to change and clarity to proceed to make the goal happen. Sometimes all we need is focus (and understanding the reason behind it) to get things done. Give them a specific goal, a specific reason behind it, and the focus will be there.

Measures Progress: Without a goal, how will you know you’re making progress? If I say I want to lose five pounds of fat and replace it with muscle, how am I going to know I’m doing that if I don’t weigh myself, choose exercises and workouts that target this, and daily check in on it? Goals allow us to measure progress and to SEE the progress. If your child wants to be able to do certain basketball skills by a certain time, setting up a system to GET there is where it’s at and HOW they’re going to see progress. Seeing their own progress is some of the most rewarding parts of the whole process of goal-setting, too! Kids need to see their work is paying off, so if you can find a way to chart progress, you’ve got a kid willing to work just to see that progress made.

Builds Self-Esteem: In the same vein, when we measure progress, we build self-esteem. Your child who is learning to navigate the world, how to be a friend, and grow in strength, kindness, fortitude all while becoming educated and play sports, is a lot to work on! We all learn and grow at different rates, but when there’s a way to pick a goal, work at that goal, focus on that goal (and measure the progress they’ve made), it’s inevitable that self-esteem is going to grow with their goals! Self-esteem is a quiet confidence that says “I did this. I set a goal and accomplished it because I worked hard.” THAT is what life is all about. And that’s what EAT Sports is all about.

Setting goals is a way to push your life trajectory to a place you dream of. You’re not just dreaming about it…

... You’re DOING something about it!

Setting goals for your kids is what we at EAT Sports do. We give them something to work on -- something that’s only going to happen if they work on it -- and let them get there with mentorship, athletic direction, support, and goal-setting. Let’s face it. Just like adults, kids who have goals will do better in life than those without goals. If you want your child to not just have fun but excel in everything they do, we can help get them there.

Remember, without wisdom, plans fail; but with many advisers (and mentors and goals) they succeed! - T

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