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Kids and Social Media: How It Affects Their Daily Life

The Pros and Cons of Social Media for Kids

The lure of social media is undisputable, particularly for children. Immediately, kids can share ideas on a vlog, connect with pals, surf through posts from their latest superstar crush, and study a college paper – all from the comfort of their couches. A recent study reveals that kids between the ages of eight and 12 spend nearly five hours every day online, with teens sitting in front of a screen for almost seven and a half hours.

As a parent, it’s critical to know the effects of kids and social media on their mental health.

Here’s what you need to know.

The Psychological Effects of Social Media on Youth

How children use social media directly impacts their mental health. Kids who are online in a healthy way can take advantage of resources, a strong social support system, and online groups that enhance their emotions of confidence and connection. That said, kids with unhealthy screen habits may experience unwanted consequences, like depression, hyperactivity, and anxiety.

The Positive Effect of Social Media on Youth

There are, however, upsides to kids and social media. Being online may encourage your

child to reinforce relationships with peers and feel connected. Another study discovered

that regularly using social media can help kids and teens boost social connections, technical

Other plusses of kids and social media use include:

● Conveying creativeness in a range of ways.

● Setting up or taking part in a program for causes they’re passionate about.

● Discovering openings to volunteer or become involved in the community.

● Bonding with peers to accomplish college projects.

● Developing friendship groups to involve others with equivalent hobbies or differing


The Negative Impact of Social Media on Youth

Sure, it’s great to feel connected, but social media use can also increase feelings of

unhappiness, seclusion, and angst. Kids who engage in social media may have a greater

risk of psychiatric problems, plus they’re more prone to social pressure. Some of the main

negatives of kids and social media use include:

Smartphone obsession: A study showed how nearly 50 percent of the teens

relationship with technology has negatively affected their lives (sleep, exercise,

college work, and nutrition).

Online bullying: Kids and teenagers who spend countless hours in front of a screen

may experience harassment online. This omnipresent type of bullying never ends,

and youths may be victims of upsetting, unpleasant messages whenever they’re

online. Cyberbullying can cause behavioral problems, depression, low self-

confidence, fear, or even suicidal thoughts.

Poor sleep: Using smartphones in bed interrupts sleep, making it tricky to nod off,

unwind, and stay asleep. Children who sleep poorly have more chances of

experiencing mental health issues like impulsive behavior, angst, and depression,

not to mention scoring lower grades on cognitive assessments.

The Takeaway of Kids and Social Media

If you think your child is being affected by social media use, we’re here to help. At EAT Sports, we believe sports can do wonders for the mind, and our job is to get your kid into a positive state of mind that’s healthy and long-term, so they’re not affected by the damaging side of social media.


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