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Support can come from any sector that touch the lives of children - community recreation groups, business/industry, education, national sports organizations, policy makers, parents, public health, and tech/media. Discover ways that you can help your sector make a meaningful contribution.


No one person or organization can do it alone. Your support is imperative. It means giving at-promise children an opportunity to be successful on and off the court and field.


Every donation you make goes toward our upcoming projects that help build at-promise children into successful athletes and outstanding citizens. EAT Sports Foundation may be the last opportunity for certain at-promise children to change the direction they’re going!  We can’t do it without your generous heart. 


Along with educating your child on the court, we are interested in educating them with skills to flourish off the court. This includes camps and workshops that included financial literacy, business, and educational aspects of all kinds.

Chromebooks for Students

Kuts For


Training and



Bay Area and Beyond

We've provided over 100 Chromebooks for students through out the bay area but there is still shortage. Please fill out the form below so we know what bucket to put your donation in and click here to donate.


On December 19th in Martinez at Norcal Courts, we have two fabulous local barbers who are donating their time for kids hair cuts to support our foundation. We're asking for a minimum $20 donation. We will provide a DJ for music while we play basketball games and give away prizes! Fun day for the kids and families too!

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Bay Area

We're raising money to provide group and private basketball coaching to underprivileged children who may not otherwise have the opportunities. 


It takes a little bit of care from a lot of people to make a simple but significant difference in our kids’ lives. There is nothing too small to bring to the table of volunteerism and mentorship. Would you consider helping?

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