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EAT Sports Foundation, 501(c)(3) organization,  believes sports provide a powerful platform for developing life skills, enhancing character traits, and expanding personal values that translate into self confidence and empowerment. 

EAT Sports Foundation is focused on providing resources, opportunities, and relief to At-Risk athletes and underprivileged families in underserved parts of our communities.


Story of Teohn Conner


As a kid, I fell in love with the game of basketball. The game showed me how to have fun, compete with fortitude and grace, and meet new people. Although we weren’t poor (because “poor” is truly a mindset), we were definitely broke. And at ten years old, I experienced my first heartbreak with basketball … and gained a quick dose of reality. 


When my not-yet-to-be high school coach announced that he would be starting the first organized basketball program in Ferriday, I ran home to call my grandma and tell her the great news. Over the phone, I told her I needed $60 to participate in the program. But, because we were broke, my grandma said she didn’t have the money to give. I pleaded with her, begging her to understand how important it was for me to participate. Regardless, she still said she didn’t have the money. 


I cried for a week. But my grandma was a hard-working and dedicated lady. She came up with the money two weeks later. And I got a chance to do what I love, in an organized manner, and it opened my eyes to a world of possibilities.


I’ve always wanted to help kids. And over the years, God has helped to build my character, humility, and network into a new world of mentorship -- one that has been waiting to evolve into something concrete. After watching countless kids miss out on opportunities because of lack of education, money or resources -- and after I spent 12 years teaching, training and mentoring kids -- I have finally started my own nonprofit organization: EAT Sports Foundation.


EAT is an acronym for EDUCATE, ASPIRE, and TRIUMPH. I want to EDUCATE because I believe education is the foundation everything must be built on. I want the kids to ASPIRE because most at-risk kids have enormous dreams that will wither due to various and numerous reasons. And I want them to TRIUMPH. After kids successfully go through our foundation, they will undoubtedly be triumphant not just on the court, but off it.


Kids are smart and resilient; they naturally want to be great. But, when there’s no access to opportunities, and no helping hand to aid their growth into successful adults, how can they realize their potential? They can’t. So, instead of just “talking the talk,” I’m “walking the walk.” EAT Sports will provide that platform: where a kid can dream big dreams and see those dreams through to completion.


At EAT Sports Foundation, we will focus on the athletic, emotional, environmental, and financial development of these kids. And we will accomplish that through week-long basketball intensive camps, workshops, and community activism.


I’m big on quotes, and one of my favorite quotes comes from William James. It says, “The greatest use of your life is to invest in that which outlasts it!” EAT Sports Foundation will still be changing lives long after I’m gone.


That week I cried as a kid (because I couldn’t play ball is) a moment ingrained into my mind to this day. It fuels my passion for similar kids in the same situation I was in. Now, I can’t wait to have you as a part of our foundation.


Welcome to EAT!


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