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(2020.01.12 - AYG Jump Off Clinic in Mar


We train, we encourage, and we mentor. We want your child to have a basketball experience like no other. At EAT Sports Foundation, we balance all of these attributes to give your child a safe and competitive basketball environment. Because a well-rounded child makes a well-rounded adult, we desire to give them a physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual education. And everything they need is right here at EAT Sports Foundation.


Kuts for Kids Fundraiser

Accepting Donations

On December 19th in Martinez at Norcal Courts, we have two fabulous local barbers who are donating their time for kids hair cuts to support our foundation. We're asking for a minimum $20 donation. We will provide a DJ for music while we play basketball games and give away prizes! Fun day for the kids and families too!

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At EAT Sports Foundation, we think every child deserves the chance to thrive on the basketball court. EAT is a safe space with trained coaches, dedicated to giving your child a rigorous and fun environment that teaches them basketball skills.


These skills become tools they can use to be their best on and off the court. Check out the variety of programs we offer to hone your child’s skills.



(2020.01.12 - AYG Jump Off Clinic in Mar


Help The Kids By Providing Opportunities and Resources!

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