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June 22 Sports $ense Workshop Grades 3rd-8th

Financial Literacy Workshop Sponsored by Comerica Bank at Eat Sports Foundation


We are excited to announce the latest addition to our program offerings at Eat Sports Foundation: a comprehensive workshop focusing on financial literacy, generously sponsored by Comerica Bank. This innovative workshop is designed to empower our participants with essential financial skills, complementing our existing basketball skill development and career readiness programs.


Key Highlights of the Workshop:


1. Financial Education: In collaboration with Comerica Bank, a leader in financial services, we are introducing an engaging and informative financial literacy segment. This module is tailored to equip participants with vital knowledge and practical skills in managing finances, understanding banking, savings, investments, and the importance of credit management.


2. Basketball Skill Development: True to our core mission, the workshop continues to offer top-notch basketball training. Participants will receive hands-on coaching from experienced professionals, focusing on enhancing their basketball skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship.


3. Career Readiness: The workshop extends beyond sports and finance, preparing participants for future career opportunities. It includes sessions on resume building, interview skills, and insights into various career paths, fostering a well-rounded approach to professional development.


Schedule and Availability:


These workshops are scheduled to take place in March, June, September, and December, offering multiple opportunities for participants to join throughout the year. Each session is thoughtfully structured to provide a comprehensive learning experience, balancing sports, financial education, and career guidance.


See schedule details below.


Time: 9 AM-12 PM

Grades: 3rd-8th



Join Us:


We invite all aspiring athletes and young individuals keen to develop their basketball skills, gain financial savvy, and prepare for their future careers. This is a unique opportunity to grow both on and off the court under the guidance of experts in sports, finance, and career development. Don't miss out on this holistic development experience. Register now and take the first step towards a brighter, more informed future with Eat Sports Foundation and Comerica Bank.

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